Rismålstuva, 792m. 13th of May. Our first so high hiking. It was really hard and take a long time for us to do it and lots of strength. It was to fast for us to hike on so high top. But we did it!

How moving changed us and our lifes

Are we the same as we were in Latvia? I can answer fast – yes and no! One of the most interesting thing about moving abroad is the way it changes you, your perspective, your life. When you first time arrive at a new place, you notice a lot of differences: the way people dress,…

We went to Tuvatoppen but find ourselfs on 489 m high cliff

Summer hiking season in Norway officially starts in may. Our first tippåtop tur (but before we made registration in the page) was on the 10th of May. It seems what we really like adventures and do like all is not for us. It was planned to be a hike on Tuvatoppen. At the beginning we…


Our first trip to Saltstraumen, 29.03.2018. It is a small strait with one of the strongest tidal currents in the world. It is 2,2 km long canal. One of 3 connections between Saltfjorden and Skjesteradfjord,

Winter walk

One of our first walks in Norway on 15.04.2018. A little bit out of Finneid on road to Sulitjelma. Cliffs, white and green    

Two months before moving

To be clear, it was less than two months before moving – from the decision to arrive at Fauske. So short time for so many things to do! We were in need to get to know so much and to do research on so much, to talk so much, to explain so much…and do it…

Our love story

If you have read our individual pages than you know who we are. Here you can read our love story – how we met, how we fell in love, how we get married and how we enjoy our life together. You know that love stories where The good girl fell I love in The bad…