Roadtrip: Senja, Northern Norway, part 5 – Segla

We headed to Fjordgård as have planned to take a look at famoust Segla & Hesten tops. Yes, just to take a look, no plans for the hike as I had immobilised right hand after surgery but as you know sometimes some crazy ideas pop-up and non-planed adventures are the best! When we come to…

Roadtrip: Senja, Northern Norway, part 4 – Mefjordvær

We arrived to Mefjordvær at the noon. It was a low tide time and there was thousands of birds at the shore and in the sky – quite epic view. So we took some time for birdwatching. Small sightseeing of the place. And found another Dragon theme WC with scales on it. Can make some…

Roadtrip: Senja, Northern Norway, part 2 – Tungeneset

Woke up early before first sunrise rays reached the tops of the mountains so decided not to get up.. Then, I woke up with a sunrise dancing in mountain tops, still early to woke up hubby.. Finally got up and trying not to wake up hubby. Looking around our night parking spot at Tungeneset. And…

Roadtrip: Senja, Northern Norway, part 1

So, this roadtrip on 26th of August was not planned as we decided on this plan on our flight home from Oslo after surgery on my right hand an evening before we went there. It was quite spontaneous decision as I get sickleave after surgery and anyway was not able to do something or sleep…


First hiking to at evening on 15th of Jun after work. Lesson: If you miss a path when you need to walk around by wet and swampy meadow.

Tuvatoppen 2

9th of Jun. Our second time to Tuvatoppen. First hiking in fog. Hiking in fog is no point for new mountains and tops because then you cant enjoy a view from the top. Also, if it is a new path, in a very thick fog you can be lost very easy. But if you have…


Hiking tour on the 8th of Jun. Top 447 m high.


Rismålstuva, 792m. 13th of May. Our first so high hiking. It was really hard and take a long time for us to do it and lots of strength. It was to fast for us to hike on so high top. But we did it!


Morning hiking at the nature reserve Veten on 12th of May.