First hiking to at evening on 15th of Jun after work. Lesson: If you miss a path when you need to walk around by wet and swampy meadow.

Tuvatoppen 2

9th of Jun. Our second time to Tuvatoppen. First hiking in fog. Hiking in fog is no point for new mountains and tops because then you cant enjoy a view from the top. Also, if it is a new path, in a very thick fog you can be lost very easy. But if you have…


Hiking tour on the 8th of Jun. Top 447 m high.


Hike on the 31st of May. It is the closest top to our living place.


Rismålstuva, 792m. 13th of May. Our first so high hiking. It was really hard and take a long time for us to do it and lots of strength. It was to fast for us to hike on so high top. But we did it!

Need of help

By moving abroad you need help to make it easier. It’s very important to get support from your family, friends. It’s very hard if all around are with a negative attitude. The biggest support we were for each other. It was most important. Also, we can thanks to our families for all support even if…

Krestihola and Okshola

It was our second hike on the 12th of May. Okshola is not really a top but a cave. To reach it, it is a need to pass one more cave – Krestihola.

How moving changed us and our lifes

Are we the same as we were in Latvia? I can answer fast – yes and no! One of the most interesting thing about moving abroad is the way it changes you, your perspective, your life. When you first time arrive at a new place, you notice a lot of differences: the way people dress,…