Hello! Sveiki! Hei!

I take it – you’re interested in learning a thing or two more about me, here’s what you need to know:

I’m Kristine – the woman wearing many different hats: a multi-tasker, Ph.D. student of engineer science, part time lecturer in Liepaja University, practicing vision care specialist – an optometrist, speaker, an amateur photographer and artist, a daughter and granddaughter, good family member, a lucky wife and a true lover, a desperate housewife (when it’s needed) and a good friend. I am just a woman (strong and weak at the same time) with a passion and big dreams. The women with so many ideas and goals to be met. And now also a traveler, adventurer, hiker, trying on a bloggers appearance. I am also just a human who try to live healthy and active, work on self-care and learning self-love.

Only after moving to Norway, I begin to do hiking and truly and deeply fall in love of nature!

I am a real summer child in love of sun and hot weather. Now trying to fall in love with Norwegian weather beyond arctic circle. I also like nature: the sea, woods, rivers, mountains… And sunsets. Spending time outdoor inspires me and hiking challenges me and in real – it makes me happy. I am happiest when I am with my husband and when I am inspired.

In reality, I am a huge procrastinator and an online browsing addict (sometimes). But if I really need to do something, it will be done. And will be done well. Mostly – in time.

Some of my favorite things in life are reading and crafting. I am a terrible dancer. I think that I could sing, but that’s questionable. I like good movies, hanging out with my best friends and girly talks, be with my love.

I love to always be learning (you probably realized it as I mentioned I am still a student) and growing as a person. I like to get new knowledge, experience, and emotions. It allows increasing in mind and wisdom.

I am a very shy and introvert person in reality, therefore to talk in public – is not so easy for me. I am glad that school time pushed me to attend in different events, project, and collectives, it helped me to go out of my comfort zone and grow confidence about myself, and a need to speak in public. Also, it allows me to make broader my perspectives and knowledge about the world, different countries and cultures, make friends in different places. And now – Ph.D. studies alow to progress in it.

I hate to be late. If I am on time – it feels for me as I am still late. For my comfort, I need to be at least 5-10 min before time. Then I feel ok. 🙂

I am a very emotional and sensitive person. Also, my mood can be very changeable. But my husband can calm me.

Actually, I started blogging a long time ago. I began blogging because of the need to express my self. I’ve had many different blogs, mostly in my teenage years and at the beginning of my 20ties. It was also a little bit like running away from real life. On the internet, you could be what you want… You can put on and try on different nicknames and different masks. Also, you can be very real. It was then – when I was so young, then I thought that no-one understands me. At that time didn’t realize that you can do the same in real life. You can be you, and you can be who you are! You must do it for yourself.

I think, there is a need for time and growing up to realize it that you can achieve all what you need and want and be real you. Be as you want to be. Look as you want to look. Be with whom you want to be. You can think and be different. (You know, that sometimes it’s not so easy, right?) And you don’t need around you people who don’t like the REAL you. 🙂

I am glad and proud of myself for what I have reached this wisdom for my own comfort, my life.

Speaking of personal

I was born in Priekule, Latvia on August 13th, 1991. Growing up in a loving family. My childhood was full of love and happiness. I was really happy and lucky child. I was fathers’ little princess. I was the only child. (I would like to have sisters and brothers.)

As lots of children fairytales have some unexpected, bad and ugly moments in the story, ours are not an exception. I was 10 y.old then father left a family. For me, as a little girl, it was terrible and unfair. But I still had my other loveful family members, and we live our life further. (To be clear, I am not sure that I have passed that. I didn’t forget. But I am learning forgiveness… I am trying to forgive…) And we made a good life. Not always easy but good. I am glad how my family – especially my grandmother – has grown and learned me. I become a good person with an open heart (Well, at least I think so!).

I am Latvian but in my veins are a mix of different nationalities blood: Latvian, Ukrainian, Russian, Belarus, Polish…and maybe some other we don’t know. I am happy about that because it makes me that I am. It allowed me to learn two languages as my mother-languages from birth time, to be familiar with different nationalities and cultures. It makes the world so more colorful and wider, and it opens so many horizons.

I am in love with my husband, Raivo. He is a love of my life, and he is my world. Yes, he also changes my world but in good ways. I am so in love! Our full love story here.

Non-formal CV:

After graduating high school, I started studies at the University of Latvia. Then, in 2013, I graduated it with a Bachelors in natural science. I earned a professional Master of clinical optometry and optometrists specialization from the University of Latvia. At University I get my first real research experience. Since September 2016 I am a Ph.D. student of engineer science at Liepaja University in doctoral study program E-study technologies and management. About my research and my progress, you can read on this page.

I worked from the second year in bachelor degree in Vision Express Baltia, SIA – as a customer consultant. But the majority of my career has been related to primary vision care specialist work – optometry. Later, I worked also as a learning trainer. I’ve spent the 7 years working in SIA OC VISION in Latvia. Since April 2018 I work in Norway – AS Salten Synssenter.

I’m also a lecturer in Liepaja University from 2018. As PhD student I am attending a lot of conferences as speaker and academic writer from 2016. From 2020 I have been invited and attended as keynote-speaker as well.

More professional and education CV-like information could be found on my LinkedIn account.

MORE ABOUT ME – contact on social media (personal)

Instagram – I hang out here the most

Facebook – over ten years here

Most importantly, I believe that no matter what you dream or obstacles, you have the power to change your life and, by doing so, you will change the world.

Have you met Raivo? He is my husband who is the most amazing man in the world. Plus he is cute, and I like him very much. He is my biggest supporter, best friend and listening ear. Raivo calms me down when I freak out. He gives me hugs, and he is my buddy for life. I am one thankful chick. Our entire love story here.

And some of my personal photo: (till 2010)