Thank you for all your questions via email, comments, and social media! Connecting with readers is one of my favorite things about blogging. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions that we get about the blog, our life, adventures and expat experience.

Here you can find some frequently asked questions:

Who are you?
As it’s written in ABOUT page, we are the expat couple from Latvia in Norway. You can read more about Kristine and Raivo, and here is our love story.

Why you left Latvia?

There are different personal reasons. You can read more here.

Why Norway?

Kristine got a job. After research – it seemed like an excellent idea. After living here for some time – no doubt it was a best decision!

Are you professionals in hiking?

No! We are hiking newbies. Here, in Norway, it is our first experience. To be clear, we even haven’t been very active people before moving. We are just trying to become fit and healthy, trying to live the active lifestyle for a better life.

Thank you for visiting!