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Welcome to our blog – Between mountains and fjords!

What is this blog about?

The blog idea was born on our life road somewhere between Latvia and Norway. It started as a place for us to share our experience with our families and friends back home. What you can see here now is a collection of our images past and present, current day-by-day life, and plenty of learn-it-from-us expat moments.

This blog primary is about Latvians relocating to Norway and they new life in the extraordinary, beautiful and Instagrammable place. It will be written about our experience of moving abroad and the first impression of Norway: people, language, culture, nature, and lifestyle. We hope you will be able to find tips for easier relocation and integration. We would share things that we learned.

As moving to Norway change our view on nature and activities, during time it transform more to the adventure blog. So we will share how we change our lifestyle as hiking and camping newbies. Here are the collection of beautiful Norwegian nature and landscape photos and videos we have taken during our adventures in nature – hikes, camping and road trips. The blog is based on expat life and our life in general.

We hope that those experiences can help others with their plans for living or traveling in Norway. As so much people have helped us, we’d love to help you on your journey.

View on Fauske, Norway, Nordland 2018

You probably want to look at our blog now, that’s cool but let’s break the ice a little bit.

Who are we?

Kristine and Raivo, the happily married Latvian couple expat in Norway at the 26th of March, 2018. We are initially from Latvia currently based at Fauskē, Nordland, Norway.

If you want to know more of about our original county – Latvia use this link or the backstory that brought us to Norway, click over to this post.

Now, we are here, and we are totally impressed by the amazing and charming nature and atmosphere of Norway. We would share our strange adventures, some language misunderstandings, cultural confusions. Sharing our favorite places and general stories from our experience of starting living here are essential to us because we hope it can help others and inspire them.

We are not professional writers and English is not our first language that why you should excuse our mistakes. And sometimes it could be hard to express our thoughts. Maybe some posts will be on Latvian (our mother language) or Norwegian (us now we are learning this language by heart).

So, what really about us?

We are like we are. We are normal people like others and not-really – it depends on point of view. We can be extraordinary and other opinions or point of view can be not the same as others have. Sometimes we see world different.

20171112_192357_HDR (2)

November 12th, 2017 – Our 2nd wedding anniversary and 10 years together

We are together the most part of our adult (and not really adult) life and a little bit more. Some are thinking we are a strange couple. Yes, we are really opposite persons but we are totally in love with each other and our craziness is on one wave. If you are interested in our personal love story, you should read this post.

We heartfully love all our family members even if we are not in one country. Also, we are good friends to those close to us no matter where they or we are in the world.

Well, but now…meet us individually.

Kristine – the creator of blog and author of the most posts in the blog.

Most important what you need to know: I am a passionate person and I am really in love of life and my husband.

I’m the multi-tasking women with big dreams and goals, a pleased wife, the newbie-adventurer, the amateur photographer and artist, the Ph.D. student of engineer science, part-time lecturer in Liepaja University, Latvia, speaker and practicing vision care specialist – optometrist in Norway. Currently, I working on my self-care and learning self-love.

Something else you should know about me is that I have way too many interests. I’m passionate about things like reading, crafting, writing, learning..learning a lot of different things.

And you know, what behind the strong woman is a strong man.

Raivo – co-author of the blog and in charge of the tech support. Kristine’ life partner and co-adventurer.

I’m the strong man, a lucky husband, programming freelancer and now drone videographer. Before we come to Norway – I was also a farmer and that why I am not afraid of hard work.

I’m open-minded and easy going. I’m not afraid to have and tell my own opinion what often is different from others. Partly – anarhist.

I’m passionate about things like music, beatboxing, playing poker, gaming computer games (MMO, RTS, RPG, adventures, puzzles and sometimes try other types too), and my wife. Trying to improve life quality with a healthy and wealthy lifestyle.

Together we are the Between mountains and fjords blogger team!

On this page, you can find out more about Kristine but following this link – get know Raivo.


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“Stop dreaming, start packing: adventure is around the corner!”

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