Roadtrip: Senja, Northern Norway, part 5 – Segla

We headed to Fjordgård as have planned to take a look at famoust Segla & Hesten tops. Yes, just to take a look, no plans for the hike as I had immobilised right hand after surgery but as you know sometimes some crazy ideas pop-up and non-planed adventures are the best!

When we come to Fjordgård, firstly we drove up to parking at begging of Segla trail but it was full (as opened was only an upper one) but we take a look to the top and saw that trail to top is under 2km and this idea for a hike came up.

View to the Segla from full parking (and everyone whom was parked out of parking place got a ticket because of wrong parking!)

As parking was full and we was hungry we decided to go back down to “Segla grill og pub” to take a meal. Nice & cosy place with several zones and retro feeling as there are a lot of sweets that reminds childhood.

We tasted Segla burger. That was good. Big plate and we was full.

Can see how hungry I was (on the background), even forget to take a photo 😁

Almost was thinking not to go for a hike but as we knew that next day will be foggy and wet so definitely not a hiking day according to my hand-situation (must be kept clean and dry).

So we drive back to parking (115kr /4h) and start the hike.

View downhill from the start
View uphill from the start

The beginning was light as it was wide and quite straight without big steep hills.

When uphills we mist a path and it was little bit challenging through wood by rocks under feet.

And when finally we reach halfway – 1+km done and 800m left

where already can have a good view.

..and when we realised how the last 800m up look like

No photos from this challenging part. But if you have been for a hike to Vardetoppen ar Sulitjelma when you can expect something very similar.

But finally it was done – the top of Segla was reached (as we thought what that was a top) with a 600+m straight drop down

…and a beautiful view

King of the Hill!

And when he climbed slightly up and saw what exact top is slightly higher (not much)

When can see other side too

It was very scary but exciting to look down!

Enjoy the view and take time for photo and video materials

Queen of the Hill
Find me

Weather was getting worse and worse…

Then time to get down came..

The scary challenging climb done and we did it! We was up there

And last 1.1km down to car and wet fog reached us as we was almost done.

At begging / end of path we saw pacifier – if you are done with this hike you are not baby anymore and don’t need a pacifier! 🙈😂

And it took 4h for us.

After hike well deserved delicious apple pie with hot tea was tasted.

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