Roadtrip: Senja, Northern Norway, part 4 – Mefjordvær

We arrived to Mefjordvær at the noon.

It was a low tide time and there was thousands of birds at the shore and in the sky – quite epic view. So we took some time for birdwatching.

Small local port

Small sightseeing of the place.

And found another Dragon theme WC with scales on it.

Can make some artistic photos too though the wall.

Play some games as jump “klasītes” (don’t know the name on English) on the pier. It’s really fun to do that with hubby! 🙂

When walk on it.

Find place to climb up (actually not, as ot was moving a lot – not safe!)

Look around and enjoy view on the town.

Look deep in the water.

And look far in the see and mountains.

And walk back to town.

When we drove little bit up to the second parking, closer to the several hiking trails starting point. (can find in the Google under name – Knuten trail head) It is with the view on the mountains and not far from another cliff-beach.

There is really nice weather shelter with picknic place.

Here starts several hiking trails. This time we choose shortest and easiest hike and closest top.

View on the town

Not so far from trail beginning is nice view place with a bench.

View on cliff-beach

After easy and short hike we reached a top there a monument for everyone sea taken is on.

Take some time to enjoy a view around.

And when we saw a lighthouse down on other side

So we hiked down to it.

It’s a lighthouse with solar power and battery near it. I haven’t seen before the solar battery so close so I was excited with it’s beauty.

Enjoying a view from here too.

Waves playing with shore and cliffs.

And I was lost in enjoyment of sea and waves again for some time.

I went to look at this interesting cliff..

…and found some other track like via ferata style with old metal fances.

And of course we decided to go there (becouse we always need to find some adventure 😁)

View down – don’t want to slip!

And almost down.

As you can imagine, we come back on different place, luckily not far from starting point and other car.

As we saw clouds coming closer from the sea, we decided to go further.

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