Roadtrip: Senja, Northern Norway, part 3

After Tungeneset we headed more north towards new beautiful destination – beach Ersfjordstranda

There are large parking space on opposite side of the beachside, crossing the road. There are a few places on the side of the road next resting, telt-camping place.

Next to parking are quite interesting WC – like a gold Dragon part with dragon scales on it.

The walk on the beach

Enjoying sea, beach, mountains and sun

Looking into waves and listening their melody. Can do it for hours and hours!


Walk on the old pier

To look farther into the sea

Can see all Ersfjordstranda from sea side
Beach on one side and small yacht harbour on other side
Yacht harbour beach

At the end of the pier can feel like standing in and on the sea with not limited view and feeling.

Just keep looking around.

Then you can see other pier what protect harbor from storms and big waves.

Some yachts are parked near boathouses

Can find some berries to snack

Took some selfies for memories what we was here.


Northern paradise

Can spend hear day or two.

Pleasure and enjoyment for eyes, ears and soul.

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