Roadtrip: Senja, Northern Norway, part 2 – Tungeneset

Woke up early before first sunrise rays reached the tops of the mountains so decided not to get up..

Then, I woke up with a sunrise dancing in mountain tops, still early to woke up hubby..

Morning view through the car window
Sleeping beauty
Support for my hand

Finally got up and trying not to wake up hubby.

View behind door
Comfy bed and sleeping hubby – happy place

Looking around our night parking spot at Tungeneset.

And I went for a short morning walk before breakfast

I was meditating by watching waves of uncalm sea

When I came back, my love was waiting for me but still in bed.

Breakfast in our outdoor kitchen was made and we eat them in the bed with a view

Breakfast time
Gluten free oatmeal porridge with mandel milk and apple jam

Someone still not happy about early wake up but nice view is helping.

Time to explore and enjoy Tungeneset and everything around, everything you can see.

There is quite cool grill on the cliff-beach
Walk along the sea coast with a view to Okshornan (or Devil’s Jaw or The Dragon teeth)
Tungeneset lighthouse

Catching waves with camera as sea was not calm this morning.

He was enjoying the view. Me too.

Sea is so calming and energising at the same time. Both of us can be watching it for hours.

I already took so much photos this morning. So I deserved to get some of me too.

And now let’s take a look little bit further. Not only Dragon teeth side is beautiful. Take a look by yourself!

Slightly later I climbed up to the Tungeneset lighthouse.

Tungeneset lighthouse

And enjoyed the view to Okshornan (or Devil’s Jaw or The Dragon teeth) from Tungeneset lighthouse.

Small sightseeing from higher spot

Everyone loves Senja


Is this a Dragon eye?

And when we go to the next place

Road to the next destination

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