Roadtrip: Senja, Northern Norway, part 1

So, this roadtrip on 26th of August was not planned as we decided on this plan on our flight home from Oslo after surgery on my right hand an evening before we went there. It was quite spontaneous decision as I get sickleave after surgery and anyway was not able to do something or sleep very comfortably because of hand so not to worry about it and not get depressed Raivo suggested to go somewhere and see something beautiful. I showed him some photos from Senja on IG and checked on distance and he said “let’s go!”

Next morning wake up and just start preparing car for sleeping possibility and packing things fast for few days adventure trip. As we had no plan and was not packed it took some hours to decide on all and to get ready, we left home just after noon, so we already knew that we will arrive quite late as need to drive from home to Senja 7+h without stops.

We had also just in mind some places what maybe we could see and only one parking place in mind for night stay – Tungeneset picnic parking place and it was where we were going to stay this night.

From Finneid, Fauske to Tungeneset, Senja

I was just sitting and enjoying being on the road, wondering around with my eyes and soul and enjoying the views all around. Spotify music on the speakers, some healthy snacks and best company ever – my wonderful husband by my side. Smile all over my face and peace in mind.

View from car window on the go

The first must-have stop is to take ferry from Bognes to Skarberget.

Next big stop was in Narvik as it is about 1/2 of way. Time to take dinner! We choose high rated place on Google – Furu GastroPub (4,6/5) and we was really lucky to get place without booking as they had only one free table without reservation for that time (and during several hours after). We can highly recommend this place because of food taste, service and atmosphere. Raivo rated Lamb burger 9/10. I had Chicken burger. Food was not cheap but good.

Lamb burger
Chicken burger

Some fast shopping for food in Narvik and off we go to Senja!

Some hours on road to reach it.

Narrow and curvy roads. Dissappearing Internet and phone operator connections. Small villages. So beautiful nature and sunset time. It is so lovely and wild entrance to Senja, in my mind.

Bridge between Finnsnes and Silsand

Spectacular view from Bergsbotn viewing platform. Slightly too late for best photos but still – so beautiful!

Our home-on-wheels on the sunset

When you drive out Steinfjord tunnel you must stop for this view to Steinfjord and Norwegian sea

View to Bukta
View on Steinfjord

And when we finally got to our destination – Tungeneset resting place with parking and a view to the Tungeneset beach and View to Okshornan (or Devil’s Jaw or The Dragon teeth).

Fast sightseeing and small walk in dark sunset.

And when we finally got to prepare and enjoy evening tea and muffin with this wonderful view by settling down for the night rest in our car.

Some of our favourite camping things for late cooking: Easycamp camping table and latern, Outwell gas stove with Primus gas, Kupilka cups
Night snack

Laying down in our all-stars hotel for enjoying the sunset and nature view in Senja. Enjoying the life and being together each moment of our forever and ever.

Good night from Senja

Good night from Senja

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