Need of help

By moving abroad you need help to make it easier.

It’s very important to get support from your family, friends. It’s very hard if all around are with a negative attitude.

The biggest support we were for each other. It was most important.

Also, we can thanks to our families for all support even if all this situation was very hard for them.

Big support and help we get from my new colleagues before we come to Norway and also after we come. They still help us because there are still lots of things (sooo much) we need to learn about life here.

About help from Inese I mentioned before. Our new friend, darling Vita (also, expat Latvian optometrist), helped with lots of ordinary and not ordinary things, give lots of tips and bits of advice.

Asbjørn, my new boss, helped with finding an apartment and getting signed rental contract, getting lots of necessary furniture and things for new house, get a Norwegian SIM card for new Norwegian phone number. He gives advice on lots of ordinary things for Norwegians but not for us.

All helped us a lot to navigate the Norwegian bureaucracy.

Also, there is a need for help not only for big things but also for small and simple tips.

Not sure we would have made it all without them!

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