How moving changed us and our lifes

Are we the same as we were in Latvia? I can answer fast – yes and no!

One of the most interesting thing about moving abroad is the way it changes you, your perspective, your life.

When you first time arrive at a new place, you notice a lot of differences: the way people dress, how and when they eat, how they communicate, how to spend their free time, etc. Some of this things could be funny or annoying to you even after a long time there. However, there will also be a lot of customs you’ll like so much you’ll incorporate them into your daily life. Or you just need to adapt for several differences just because it needs to be done.

It changed our daily lives: different daily routine, different eating habits related what to eat and timing, what you do in your free time and weekends, how you enjoy free time and good weather, your money spending habits, your life vision and future perspectives, how changes your thinking, your relationships, your personal feelings, and wellbeing, you worry less.

I think moving changed us and our lives in a very good way!

What we like the most? We can again live alone and be hosts at home, and it is possible for ourselves to define and determine what and how should be, when and what to do. We really liked this decision and life freedom before, and we enjoy it again. It is good if you have helping-hands but not for full-time, in reality – there can be only one host/housewife in the kitchen and in a home. I again can feel myself as a housewife/mistress at my own place. And Raivo can be a master of the house and a family head. We can make decisions just by two of us. We missed it very much! (Of course, it can also be reached without moving abroad but just by moving away from parent home.)

But this freedom is not only related to home but for all decisions. Than relatives are very close, they can affect lots of choices and sometimes you realized it just after things are done. They want only good, but sometimes it is not a right thing to do.

We can make our own eating plan not to related to others, but it is related to new food possibilities, on food prices and in local eating habits and meal timing habits. In Latvia we have: breakfasts at morning, when could be light lunch as second breakfasts till 11 o’clock, dinner at a time after 12-15 (as a main meal of the day: mostly warm food and could also consist from 2 or 3 meals/layers), could be afternoon snack approximately at 16-17 and supper at evening, after coming home from work >18. In Norway, as it is in lots of European countries, main meals are breakfasts at morning, fast and light lunch at 12-13 in a day (mostly at work lunch break) and in the evening – dinner, the mine meal of the day with all family together. At the first months, it was hard for me to live daily at work with light lunch and eat at evening – it brings me terrible feeling of starving all day long and especially at evening, and I overeat, even after having dinner. Now I find a solution at least for daytime at work – different smoothies for lunch and some broad or muesli crackers as an afternoon snack. But evenings – still is my problem. (It always was, just now it become bigger).

We also try to eat more healthy: eat more vegetables, fruits and berries, more soup and less unhealthy snacks and sweets (oh, it is a hard part as we both like to eat snacks! But we try to eat them less at least in workdays and allow at weekends.). Now we eat more qualitative and natural products as there are high standards in Norway. (Of course, in Latvia we had our own products like milk, cottage cheese, eggs, etc. all year around and some vegetables and berries in the summertime at home).

It is possible to organize your free time as you want and need it and discuss only with your supposed one.

Now we have more free time for ourselves, our relationship, for our outdoor activities and exploring the surrounding, and enjoying nature. We have extra time for our hobbies and for doing nothing. Because we need to work fewer hours and can have more weekends.

We become more active. First months I walk to work and back home almost every day (I need to go back to this good habit! But it is so easy to jump in the car and drive to work and back..) As spring came we started to do hiking: we are still newbies in hiking but we really like it, and we are learning new things each hiking time. You can find more about our experience and adventures in posts related to hiking.

We appreciate good weather more than we did it before. As here is very changeable weather condition, you need to be prepared: if you have sun when you go out of home, you should have some jacket or raincoat with you just in case because in some minutes or hours it could be changing. And opposite. In this case, you start to catch each good weather day – it doesn’t mean only very warm and sunny, no rain is good enough – and enjoy it fully immediately. Especially if it is really warm and sunny! Now we know why locals do this: if it is possible, they left all works and enjoy each sunny moment.

I start to use more casual and active live style clothes. Raivo feels himself like a fish in the water by wearing this type of cloths. Because Norwegians mostly wear that kind of clothes what are more comfortable for movements, walks. They still are good quality but more from sports brands. You can’t see as many fashionable girls in Gucci or Prada dresses and on high-hills as it is on other places. I still wear more classy at work.

We need to worry less about incomes and money and our wealth being. We can easier buy things what we need, and we can buy more qualitative stuff. We can plan bigger purchases in the nearest future. Our thinking about money changes – if on the first day we have in our minds such thoughts as all are very expensive and the prices are too high! And we can’t buy this! How this or this can cost so much! – Now we realized what our reaction and thinking changes. Now we see the quality of thing or product. We can compear where is cheaper or some better deal or compare producer or material quality but now we understand what there are no cheap Chines stuffs (what are fulfilled on Latvian market) but only qualitative goods and quality costs. We also know that we can afford to buy it. And it is just for good – qualitative things have a longer useful life, and high-quality products are better for health.

We can have bigger plans and dreams, and we know what they will become real, and it is possible to bring them to life in a shorter time. We see our future in a more positive and more colorful light. We start to live and enjoy not only live an surviving mode.

We know what we would be able to help our relatives in Latvia also.

We still are the same family members and the same friends – just a little bit far away. Distance is testing our relationships and friendships, but it also makes them stronger (with persons who want still in contact with us and be close to us). It shows true friends. There is a need to work more on contacting and communication. Not all connections stay the same. Lots – changes. Mostly, become stronger. Some contacts become weaker. Some – disappears. But it is just an ordinary life reality.

Moving also change our personal relationships. But in reality – only on a good way. As we have more free time – We have more time to spend together, more time to talk, more time to work on our relationships. We have less stress and worries about the next day and next month – we are calmer together, we have fewer problems, and we can solve old problems and disagreements. We can solve new minor disputes easier and faster. Our relationships become stronger and our love just grows each moment.

But we also are the same good people we were before: kind, loveful, helpful, friendly and airily. We are not afraid of work and still are a little bit crazy.

We just love life more. And enjoy it – even more!

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