The beginning of language learning

Our first meeting with the Norwegian language was on time then we decide to move. Before, we have a little bit tried to learn Danish (a very very little bit).

We use the internet to help us with the beginning of a process. We find some useful resources and online learning programs – we started with searching for a free app and open access materials.

1. Babbel – it is free for one month of use, looks like a good theoretical base. It is ok but was not so good for us at the beginning to buy full access.

Also, we buy some grammatic books for learning the Norwegian language from the Latvian language.

Then we find out one other free app:

2. Duolingo – as we have tested it, we like it more at the beginning to learn a language. It is free.

After some months I started to use also one more page

3. LearnNOW

After one month in Norway, I started to watch serials and movies on English with Norwegian subtitles at Netflix.

The most confusing thing is the pronunciation of letters and words especially when it is so many different dialects in Norway.

Most of the standard advice from Norwegians is “In bookmal, you talk as you write!” – but it is not so easy because in Latvia we pronounce letters differently. Even in all languages we know – it is pronounced differently. Raivo found some connection with the German language.

In Norway, mostly I learn at work: listening colleagues talk, ask them to translate something or to repeat, as colleagues were in need to come in with me and patient as translators – it was easier to learn work-related words and sentences, at least – to understand people.

Also, I try to read some local papers, optometrist related information on Norwegian. And it is possible to understand the main idea of official letters from the police, tax office, bank, healthcare centers, etc.

I can understand the most of work-related topics what I hear and read. I found reading easiest also for different topics. But I am still struggling with talking as I am still confused about pronouncing words. I can tell some daily basis phrases and some short sentences what are related to my work but for now – it is all.

It’s lots to learn more!

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