Latvia is our home country. The country there we come from.

Mostly, telings about Latvia starts some how like this: small Baltic region country next Baltic sea. Only 2 milj. population (probably now – it is less). Colorfull and some black history. Ideal place for useful connections. Country and culture full of different old traditions.

Well, that all is true.

But how it is from our point of view? (and let’s talk only about nice and beautiful things we love – without history, politics and economics)

We love our country because:

❤ Our families live there and lots of our family and personal roots are there

❤ we were born, we grown up, we go to school, get education and work here

❤ we meet each other, we fall in love and we married here

❤ we have close friends there.

Also, Latvia have a beautiful nature you couldn’t not love:

🌸 there are the most wonderful beaches next Baltic seashore (and in Liepaja we have most white, fine and soft sand!)

🌸 lot’s of green meadows and forests, mystical swamps, wide fertile fields of cereals

🌸 blue lakes and rivers

As there are 4 different seasons changing, it is possible to observe this changes in nature: meet blooming, flowering, heydays, falling leaves, raining, frosting and snowing…

Watching sunrises in lakes and sunsets in sea. Enjoy fresh air and flavor of sea, forest and flowers, wind, sun and rain touches, and sole freedom in different landscapes.

What more?

It is small country but it have very strong people – Latvians with their own language and culture, and traditions.

We have beautiful language and wide range of words that give possibilities to express… Example: zaļš, zaļāks, zaļums, zaļgans, zaļganums, … On English it mostly will be one word – green.

We have Latvian folk songs – dainas – a tradition of oral poetry which is included in UNESCO world heritage.

Latvian song and dance celebration – Dziesmu un deju svētki

Celebration of summersolstice – Jāņi un Līgo – traditional celebrations from pre-christian – pagāns – time.

Very beautiful and different folk costumes, pastalas, and the Lielvarde sash.

Traditional signs and symbols. Flower wreath. Namejs ring. Amber. Storks. Bathhouse (pirts). Talkas. Birch sap. Beer. Green pharmacy. Handmade things.

This year our country will celebrate 100 years of independence.

That why there are lots of special events, projects and activities. For example, such Latvians motion as Latviete & Latvietis in the world, running activity #izskrienlatviju, some movies for Latvijas simtgadei, dižošanās – mapping of the great trees, a national costumes for everyone…

Come to visit Latvia!

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