Two months before moving

To be clear, it was less than two months before moving – from the decision to arrive at Fauske. So short time for so many things to do!

We were in need to get to know so much and to do research on so much, to talk so much, to explain so much…and do it all in the same time.

At first, we were in must to talk with our families – we were excited about new perspectives but still, it was hard to tell what we are moving and living country so soon because we understand that it is hard for all who love us and care about us – especially for parents and grandparents. We were in need to explain to them our decision and to do lots of talks.

I was in need to give up a job what was my workplace for 7 years, and explain our new life plan to my colleagues as they are my friends.

And also I was able to tell my Ph.D. supervisor and work on a plan how to end study year and plan next one to reach my research goal.

We were in need to tell it to our close friends.

Mostly, people supported our decision. Even if it was hard for them emotionally. At least, they try to understand. Also, some tried to change our minds.

At the same time, we were in need to do research about Norway and different things that are related to our moving and life in Norway. We are glad that we get so much support from Norway: expats from Latvia and native Norwegians. We are very thankful to them!

My employer organized all with apartment finding in Norway and all related things.

We were in need to plan our moving: how we are going to do it? Buy tickets if need; Decide on timing.

We were in need to take a look at the budget and plan it for last months in Latvia, for moving and for the first time in Norway.

We were in need to make big “spring cleaning” to throw away and give away lots of things and stuff. Decide what to keep and what to leave and what to pack to take with us.

We were in need to make a decision about our fur-babies…at the end, we were in need to find a new home for them. Read here.

I was in need to make approvement for my professional education diplomas and specialization from Latvian education to Norway regulations. I was in need to deal with lots of papers.

We were in need to start learning a new language for us – Norwegian language.

We were in need to buy some things and to do lots of packing. Really a lot!

Actually, it was such a short time schedule for so many things to do that in reality we didn’t have time to worry about our decision, and it was good.

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