Our love story

If you have read our individual pages than you know who we are. Here you can read our love story – how we met, how we fell in love, how we get married and how we enjoy our life together.

You know that love stories where The good girl fell I love in The bad guy? Lot’s thought about us and our love story like that. Because I was a kinda good girl – getting high grades, learning a lot, obedient, not going out late, and he was a kinda bad boy – skipping classes, procrastinating in lessons, partying. But no-one knows us so good as we know each other. We were and are very different but very similar at the same time.

Of course, we think what our love story is a most romantic and most beautiful. It also has some bad, sad and even a little bit of tragical moments. At the same time, we had so many happiness and pleasant moments. It’s just ours. It is long. It is true. It is best and special for us. I love that it’s unique.

Flash forward to senior years of high school. It all begins in the far-far year 2007 with the letter in Latvian portal draugiem.lv (something quite similar to FB) what was sent from Kristine to Raivo as an 18th Birthday congratulations. Unfortunate we don’t save it but it wasn’t a very standard congratulation, and Raivo was interested in a person who writes him this. I caught his attention with it.

On that day we begin our virtual conversation. We were schoolmates. We both were virtual friends in draugiem.lv. Also, Kristine knew Raivo as a friends-friends known guy. I was 16 when we met, he was 18.

After some days we decide to meet. We went for a walk to the beach. It was a wonderful time! We walk. Our hands holding. We feel so free to talk (talk, talk, and talk, and talk…) and so good to be together… He had me laughing the whole time!  It was one of the best, funniest, most easy and comfortable, and memorable conversations of my life. We can mention that day as our first date and also, in the end – it was our first kiss day! (It is a funny story, but it’s personal 🙂 it was perfect. I think, at that moment our souls were kissing. So good… It changed our lives, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world) I haven’t felt so many butterflies in my stomach as in that beautiful moment.

The most comic that we didn’t think about beeing us a couple from that day but on next day we received questions from others – are you together? And statement  – you are the couple!

It was like – oooookey… Yes, probably we are… I think we were practically dating not ”officially dating”. But maybe it was too early…

All the first month was very good and friendly, sweet and romantic.  We skyped a lot. Long hours. Until 2:00 – 5:00 a.m. almost every night. I was absolutely crazy about him. We fell in love. “I think I love you.”

We both were young.  It was a crazy time. After 1 month we have a break-up. It was a hard time because I was in love with this guy.. who I will one day call my husband … if only I knew then what I know now…

But it looks like our love story have been written in our hearts and destinies – We were meant to be together. After 5-6 months we started to connect in virtual world again.

On 12th November 2007, we had our first meeting in almost 7 months. We didn’t expect that it is a date or what exactly this meeting will bring to us. We have a betting. He waited for the kiss, but the bet was about biting in a tongue. He was surprised about my dare to do it and not giving a kiss. He was attracted again. He followed me. And we have our second first kiss and our second first date. Also, we call this date as our day when we celebrate our love and anniversaries.

We knew we are in love. We tell each other this words.

After that, we couldn’t stop saying that we loved each other over and over and over again. And we still haven’t stopped saying it to each other over and over and over again.

We have lots of good and bad moments in long-distance relationships while we were so young and at the beginning of our love story, but we made it real and stable, and lovefull. Not always it was easy and so wonderful as films shows. We have to argue, have been angry and dissipated,  had been tears and hurt. But we worked on our relationships, we have grown, we get wisdom and life experience. We loved each other so much and cared. We can understand each other without words and end each other’s sentences.


After I started studies at University, we began to live together. In some time, we get our fur-babies.

Then, we decide what we don’t want to wait anymore, and we want to be married and be officially family. We made our dream wedding and go on the great honeymoon trip to Marroco.

We are felling in love each day more and more. My deeply loved husband is telling – we have a never ending  “pink spectacle” period. We believe in true love and for happily-ever-after and growing old together…

A nice little timeline:

07.03.2007. The first letter in portal draugiem.lv was sent from Kristine to Raivo as an 18th Birthday congratulations.

some days after – Our first date and first kiss

April 2007 – Brake up

12.11.2007. – Our second first date and first kiss bite


September 2010 – We tried how it’s to live together

September 2011 – We moved together in our first rented flat

Jun 2012 – We get our first fur-baby: the cat – Muris

December 2013 – We get our second fur-baby: the cat – Tigra

February 2015 – We moved to Raivo family-house and decide to get married!

12.11.2015. – Our wedding day! I’m sure everyone thinks their wedding day was magic, and I am no exception.


from 13.11.2015. – Our honeymoon in Morroco



We start our life as husband and wife.

12.11.2016. – our 1st wedding anniversary in Estonia

12.11.2017. – our 2nd wedding anniversary & celebrating our 10th year together in Lithuania

25.03.2018. – 26.03.2018. We left Latvia…and moved to Norway

And now I live in Fauske, Norway, a place surrounded by mountains in the best apartment ever with the best husband ever.

And some more personal things too:

Our wedding archives

Our honeymoon








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