Our first day in new place

As you have read our very firsts impression, we can tell about our first day in a new place.

In the morning, first, we explore our new apartment, enjoy it and also a view.

20180327_170300_HDR (2)

The second step for us was to make and eat the very first breakfast and drink tea and coffee in our new home. We had a mix of Latvian and Norwegian food on that breakfast: Latvian local rye-bread and local Norwegian cheese. Actually, now I don’t remember did we eat something else or not. But it was good that it was provided some food for us. (We also take something, and lot’s of local Latvian food with us, but it was nice to meet a local food.)

20180327_084539_HDR (2)

The third step, to call our families and tell about our road and first impressions.

And then we move-in. It took several hours to as to bring all our stuff from the car to an apartment. (We were happy that it is only a second floor 😃) We were tired but glad that this part of moving in is done.

After that, we decide to take a little break and went to Fauske center to see my new workplace and to meet boss and colleagues.

It was a very pleasant meeting with all. Also, with Vita who helped us so much in the last 2 months before moving. I saw both of my future working places.

We discussed more things with an employer, he suggested and give some information that we needed.

After meeting, we went to some shops to see what is where and buy some things that we know we are in need but we didn’t take them with us. We explore prices on shops, especially of food, and were shocked… (I will try to write the additional post about that)

Then, we come back home and after some fast lunch, started to unpack our things. It was a very long, hard and monotone work to do. There was a need to decide and find the right places for pieces of stuff. First, we put in places food that we bring with us and then unpacked the most needed things for a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. All unpacking take more than 1 week as I remember. And we were moved only with one small car.

(To be honest, some stuff still are not in right places but live in boxes – it’s because we don’t have some additional bookshelves or just shelves, and we still think – did we need them or not and if we need them than how much we want to spend for them..)

Of course, we were in need to enjoy our time to be together alone again in so many ways  our new apartment, our new home-town, and our new life. We were here, and we felt a little bit sad about all what we left and a little bit scared about what will wait for us in future, but we felt fortunate and happy.

20180327_230006_HDR (2)

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