You have read how was our moving road trip from Latvia to Norway.

At the end of our trip, we finally come to Fauske – our new home-town. It was 23:20 or something like that on 26th of Marc, 2018. Almost midnight. Almost winter. Roughly very North. Almost alone. We were standing at the apartment above Arctic Circle, at the North of Norway. Just two of us. It was a new beginning.

We were welcomed by my new boss. We very appreciate it. He showed where are our new house and an apartment that should become our new home. A short acquaintance (no long talks at such late time after a long drive), he gave us a key and showed some things in an apartment. We decide on a first meet on the next day.

We bring up some essential things for the first night from car to apartment. I am not sure what we bring (because we even don’t bring up pillows and blanket, we used something that we get in an apartment from the previous optometrist) but I know what we take up all devices – not to allow them to be frozen in a car at winter night.

We were pleasured that the road has been made without some big incidents and glad We have been reached the destination successfully.

We were so tired what just thought what apartments are nice, write a text message to our mothers and fall this magic first night in Norway in the first moment of our new life…



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