Our moving road-trip

Probably you already have read our post about How we ended up with moving to Norway, if not – here it is.

But now about our way.

It began in the afternoon on the 25th of March from Raivo family-house what was our home for last 3 years in Latvia. We say goodbye to Raivo parents and drive to Kristine grandparents house where we say goodbyes to Kristine grandparents, mother, aunt and uncle, cousins and also to our fur-babies. (Here is a post of the reason we must leave them in Latvia)

Then we drove 1,5h to Ventspils, there we had a ferry to Sweden. It took 8,5 hours – full night. At least we got a chance to sleep a little bit before long driving.


At early morning we arrived in Sweden and started our road from Nynäshamn through almost all Sweden.


Of course, it wasn’t so straightway as you though. It wouldn’t be us if we wouldn’t have some adventures on the road:

1) We got lost in Stockholm center because, you know, GPS doesn’t work in underground tunnels.

2) we got a front window of car 100% unclear with dirt (also in Stockholm) and drove some km without front, side or back view – just because at that moment they worked on road and splash some salt and mud and water mix all over highways and surroundings even in cars and we wasn’t exception. We were able to find the gas station to safely stop and wash windows and side mirrors.

3) on very North of Sweden – in Lapland – we realized that our new winter car tires which were great for Latvian roads are nothing for the North side of Sweden and Norway in winter! It was funny…not really. I was really scared!

4) Almost in the evening, in Lapland, we meet a group of elks on the road. My breath fascinated to see them so close. At the same time, it was also terrified because we need to drive very close to them and you can’t know what a wild animal reaction could be. Well, at first they were on a middle of the road, good what they decide not to attack and go off road back in the wood.


5) during evening/night time crossing a board between Sweden and Norway was the most terrifying time in all road trip for me. We passed it through mountains. Up going in Sweden side was slow and mostly straight but down way on Norway side was 10-15% road falling (standing). Also, it was a narrow way there on one side is mountain cliff and on another side – rock edge and rising fall somewhere far-far down (it’s how I see it with my scarred eyes). Of course, It was also very very dark year time in the North, still deep winter and then we started our way down – we had a snow storm. I admire my husband for his peace at the wheel on that situation. If I would be able to drive in this situation – I think that I wouldn’t do it – I would stop and wait for better weather condition or more light daytime.

Then we were down, we got the first experience of Norway roads and driving on them. At this moment we understand why all suggested us to drive most part of our way by Sweden, not by Norway roads. They are really wavy! Serpentine type roads. (At least for me) In winter it also seemed to be a little narrower.

It was a long way. It took a little bit longer than we thought but we also thought about possible extra time on the road.

But finally, we were here. We reached Fauske.


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