How we ended up moving to the Norway

If you read our about page, you know we are Latvians living in Norway but how did WE get here?

We never actually intended to move to Norway. We didn’t even plan to leave Latvia this or next year in real, to be honest. Especially, because I still study in the Ph.D. program at the moment.

In early 2018, several independent situations happened in our life. It’s altered some stability at work, and more showed up what I don’t feel more new possibilities for my carer grow. Some old doors closed and bring up some thoughts. Or it was just a needed punch to open new doors of opportunities (and open them more extensive).

One evening discussed with husband what maybe need to do something else or new, or think about new possibilities. He told what perhaps we need to be thought about some abroad possibilities (to be honest, we had that kind of thoughts several times in our last years,’ but they stay only as thoughts without real research of possibilities or any planning).

After that conversation, by his encouragement, I started to dream of the possibility of working abroad… And almost in same time came the offer that changed the course of our life forever.

Our surprised relocation (it was surprising for all our family members and friends and even for us) was the result of replying to a job advertisement that I discovered in a local professional association (LOOA) one day. If I wouldn’t get a stimulus – just do it! – from my husband, I think what I still would be just thinking about possibilities and be at the same point with – maybe I should send CV– thoughts.

Getting this job meant to relocate from Latvia to Norway and to change all life. I am not sure did we really understand at that moment what it will bring and that make a need for us to take a new challenge.

Neither Raivo and I have ever stepped foot in Norway but we started to explore and after our research, Norway seemed like the best choice.

On next day I get a call and e-mail message from my acquaintance Inese (who I know from Optometrist association and from courses) – she was at that moment working as an optometrist at this company and planning to relocate. She was the first who give me valuable and necessary information and lots of bits of advice – about work, what are in need to do before relocate, life in Norway, etc. Also, I get agreement what going abroad is also a good chance for my professional grow-up.

Even without approvement of getting the job, I started to make ready all documents of education to adopt my educational classification and get the license to be approved in Norway (as I get to know, if you get approvement in one of the Nordic countries – it works in all). More about this process I will write in the different post.

In some days I get the first message from my future-to-be workplace. Our discussion took one week, and I was accepted! So, in the last days of January, I happily sent back a contract with my signature and date. Of course, it was done only with my husbands’ full support, and a decision was taken after discussion (really short one 🙈 ) – we lose nothing by trying.

Next days were full of worry because we had to take conversations with our relatives about our so-fast moving. It was hard. Our families were worried very-very much. Most hard it was for our mothers. I think lot’s of people around as though we are naive and crazy.

At the beginning of February, I gave up my work in Latvia. (I still worked almost all days till our moving day)

Next less when two months flew so fast! Because before we moved abroad we had lots to do, lots of decisions to so short time (Read here more about our last 2 months in Latvia)

..and in a few short months, on 25th of March, 2018 we left Latvia and headed off on a Norwegian adventure. (here is more about our moving road trip)

Wasn’t it scary? It was! Once we decided to do it, I started to worry. This was a huge move. It meant sacrificing a lot. It means missing lots of celebration together with family and friends, saying goodbye to most of us belongings, and relinquishing control over lots.

We left all: our home, our Latvian life, daily routine, everything comfortable, job, family, friends, colleagues, and even our fur babies. (Here you can read about the reason why we were able to left them in Latvia)

We don’t have time for travel to Norway before settling down because of the job offer. We went to Norway without a pre-visit of it. We just have done lots of research before and get our real first impressions only after moved.

Moving abroad is hard, in real. It was not only just moving countries, but it was also a lifestyle change and the start of the new adventure. It was terrifying at first and same as exciting. Deep inside ourselves, we felt that it’s something we need to do now. Yes, moving to Norway definitely tested us in all the ways – emotionally, financially, physically. It also tested our relationships between us and others around us and it changes us but only in a good way. I am so proud of us for taking that risk.

It was a wonderful decision!


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